Saturday, October 10, 2015

Witches Protection Program

Witches Protection Program
Michael Phillip Cash
Create Space Independent Publishing Platform
Middleton, Deleware
ISBN: 9781511411349
Trade Paperback
$ 12.99
222 pages

It is well known that many law enforcement agencies have special divisions, some even have secret branches for specific purposes.   Who are the people who work in these branches?  Why are some secret?  What do these people know that the general public is not  privileged to know?
Wes Rockville is part of a successful law enforcement family.  However he feels as if he is a failure being the black sheep of the family.   Currently Wes is facing the humiliation of being reassigned, a type of Black Ops within the police department dealing with witches.  Yes, that is correct, witches.
Added to the shock and disbelief is his first assignment.   He is to discover and stop a billion-dollar cosmetic company who utilizes their witchcraft skills with hopes of ruling the world.   Part of this job is to protect Morgan Pendragon from her aunt's manipulations and curses.
Fortunately his partner is longtime witch protector, Alastair Verne.   Will Alastair be able to save the career that Wes is quickly loosing.
Witches Protection Program is a fun book to read.   The good witches and bad being the Willa and the Davina.   Do witches have to be in one or the other?   Can a witch be somewhere in-between?
There are some things which are not completely revealed to the reader but they are also not explained to the rookie Wes.  Does this mean that there will be further cases and adventures?
Michael Phillip Cash frequently is known for his intense science fiction, bordering on horror.  Witches Protection Program proves that he is not limited to one genre and enjoys having a good laugh in the fantasy world.
The characters are well-developed and flawed but human enough errors to be laughable.  The story is fast-paced and moves quickly making you regretting that the tale was not longer.   Hopefully there will be further adventures for the Witches Protection Program.
Who would enjoy this book?   Any adult reader could enjoy this quirky novel.  The introduction immediately hooks you with Wes failing and feeling hopeless and quickly enters the world of what appears to be magic.  Wes is a skeptic.   Will he begin to believe in witches?   Do witches ever used powers to control you?   Do you need help from Witches Protection Program?

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