Monday, October 26, 2015

A Lady for the Lawman

A Lady for the Lawman
Jewell Tweedt
Prism Book
Stewartstown, PA
ISBN: 978-1517355364
Trade Paperback
203 pages
$ 11.99

"Arianna sputtered then stomped her foot and narrowed her eyes, her gumption returning full strength.  Oh, he was irritating, and no kind of a gentleman whatsoever."
Life for a single female living in Omaha during 1870 could not have been easy. Arianna Quincy had a plan as she entered Weikert-Second Mercantile, she needed to buy a few things, find a job to support herself, and unquestionably begin to live a new life.  She needs to no longer be a burden to her family who has many mouths to feed.  She knows that this her chance to be independent earning money of her own and had hopes for a job at the store.  With her cousin already working there, this connection could be her first step.
What she didn't plan on was to have the store robbed.  As Arianna is choosing material to buy for a new dress and carrying the bolt of material, a man enters the store with a gun.  As the gunman was forces the clerk to give him the money, Arianna observes another customer silently grabbing a shovel.  This other customer quietly mouths to her to drop the bolt of cloth she is holding.   At the instant of the thump, the man strikes the robber with the shovel in his ribs. 
That is how Arianna meets the new deputy, Jason Reynolds.  He definitely is intrigued with Arianna but she does not want to be bothered by a man.  She wants to focus on her new life, not a man.   Jason feels a strong attraction to Arianna.  Will either of them find what they are searching for?
What she doesn't know is that Jason is a Pinkerton agent working on an undercover assignment.  With direct instructions from President Ulysses S. Grant, he is searching for a former soldier who might be in possession of the stolen gold from the Confederacy, the legendary treasure of Jefferson Davis. 
A Lady for the Lawman is the sequel to Tweedt's first book in this series, A Bride for the Sheriff.  Both books are Christian-based romantic novels based in Omaha, Nebraska after the conclusion of the American Civil War.  These books are research based about what life would be like in the frontier town of Omaha at the edge of civilization. 
The story is rich on realism of the time period with authentic characters focused on their day-to-day survival in Omaha.  Living in this time period was not usually easy even though the times were simpler.
With the integration of the gold of the Confederacy, this story delves into an issue that still has many unanswered questions.  Supposedly the gold was to finance the war when the South would again rise to power and to a country just recovering from a crippling war.  The threat was genuine.
Jewell Tweedt uses her hometown as the setting for these books.  She daily lives in history teaching middle school students while residing in her home in western Iowa. 
Who would enjoy these books?  These books are written for female readers who enjoy romance surrounding people living a Christian life.

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