Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Box of Pandoras

A Box of Pandoras
Steve Brewer
Creat Space Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 978-1481807739
$ 12.99
308 pages

Everyone has dreams.
Loretta Kimball is the wife of Harley who owns a hardware store in the rural community of Pandora, New Mexico.  This is her hometown and she still has a few unpleasant memories from her high school days, but for the most part, Loretta is a content person.
What makes her passionate if being the founding president of the International Michael Girard Fan Club.   Michael has been a leading actor for years and she has meticulously and carefully devoted endless hours to her idol as his most loyal fan.  Throughout the years, she has never neglected her obligation to this man of her dreams.  Even from her rural home in Pandora, New Mexico, she has successfully maintained her loyalty via the computer and her website dedicated to her idol.
Her devoted and loving husband, Harley is extremely understanding and patient with this labor of love.  He also is secure in their relationship.
A dream is about to happen for Loretta.  She has the chance to meet this man who will be at a new film festival just a few hours away in Albuquerque.   Even her ever-patient husband, Harley, plans to take a few days leave from his hardware store to accompany his wife.  What could possibly go wrong?
First is a death with the most likely suspect being Michael Girard.  Oh no, could the idol be a killer? 
And then there is her high-school classmate who seems to be competing for Michael Girard's affection.  It seems that there is a devious plan to upstage Loretta with every little act of devotion. 
A Box of Pandoras is fun reading.  This cozy tale is a light mystery, well-organized, with characters that are easy to visualize, understand and succeeds in making the reader a close friend to the protagonist.
Steve Brewer is a former journalist who has written over twenty novels while also teaching at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.
Who would enjoy this novel?  Anyone who likes quick, fast-paced cozy mysteries would enjoy A Box of Pandoras even though it leans more towards a female readership.   Sometimes you want to read something a little less intense, but fun.   Read A Box of Pandoras.

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