Saturday, November 7, 2015


"Boom" is an apocalyptical play continuing this coming weekend by the theater students at Iowa Western Community College.   In this particular play, there are only three characters.
Many grad students can relate to Jules.  He is a marine biologist who has a strong belief in his research, even if his peers consider him a little strange.   Months ago,Jules chose to be on a deserted tropical island studying fish, specifically their behavior.   His finding are that fish are predicting a cataclysmic event, a comet which could annihilate life on our planet. 
Now he lives in an underground bunker complete with an aquarium and fish while preparing for this ultimate moment.  He just needs someone to share this new beginning.  How do you have an Eve for this Jules version of Adam?
Jo is a  22-year-old female journalism student who is struggling with her final project.  She is to a write a story that will make the writer feel honest.  Each student is not to write the usual underachiever story, but to find something real, different. 
To achieve this goal, Jo looks at the personal ads.  She answers one promising to "sex to change the course of the world".
What is quickly learned is the neither have any sexual experience and Jules is gay.  So what are his hopes on this first date?
Jules immediately explains his theories, complete with the fish tank, and displays his preparations to repopulate the world complete with diapers and tampons.   Jo just wants to complete her writing assignment.
And then, "Boom"!
All the action of this play occurs in one room, Jules' apartment living room bunker.   Off to one side is a little room for Barbara, complete with a tympani drum and her pull-down switches.
Barbara is a museum guide of sorts for a futuristic exhibit portraying the end of civilization, basically the story of Jules and Jo, the "Boom".   Yes, the ending does seem a little contrived.
"Boom" is an adult play surrounding this apocalyptical disaster which strangely has a darkly humorous side. 
Portraying Jules is Jackson Newman, Jo is Jamie Herzberg and Barbara is Alia Sedlacek.   All three seemed a little nervous rushing their lines while maintaining high-energy levels in this ninety minute play. That was last weekend.   This upcoming weekend should allow each of them to relish in their roles and to enjoy their parts more.  The intensity of these three actors is outstanding.
The sets, costumes, lighting, sound, directions, props were well-planned.  Strangely though, the playbill consisted more about the production staff than the actual people on stage.
"Boom" continues November 12, 13 and 14th at 7:30 p.m. on the Main Stage at Iowa Western Community College at the Performing Arts Center.   The tickets prices are $8 for individuals and $5 for seniors and students.
Since the world supposedly started with "The Big Bang" apparently play writer Peter Sinn Nachtrieb believes then it will end with a "Boom".

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