Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fribbet and the Frog and the Tadpoles , A Flag for the Flying Dragon, Being a Captain is Hard Work

Fribbet and the Frog and the Tadpoles
ISBN: 9781499145977
$ 9.99
A Flag for the Flying Dragon
ISBN: 9781507826928
$ 10.99
Being a Captain is Hard Work
ISBN: 9781522781783
$ 12.99
Illustrator: Bonnie Lemarre
Author: Carole P. Roman
Create Space Independent Publishing Platform
North Charleston, South Carolina
32 pages each

 "Problems can weigh you down like a heavy anchor.  When you share your load with others, it's never too heavy to carry."
Do you still remember your childhood when you pretended to reenact some great adventure whether being Robin Hood or the Lone Ranger?
Through your imaginative play, you learned many life skills that built your friendships then and later in life.
Imagine the carpeting in a bedroom as the sea and a bed into a pirate ship, The Flying Dragon, as you enter the adventures of Captain No Beard.
Captain No Beard, the oldest in the group, is again taking his crew on another adventure.  Each cousin and sibling have a job in their transformed pirate ship.    Cayla is the Cabin Girl and Hallie is swabbing the deck assisted by their ever helpful stuffed animals.
These stories have vivid and colorful illustrations with a story that perfectly matches the action on each page.  
In Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles, Fribbet, the stuffed frog, is missing.  He is found and is sobbing.  Apparently  Fribbet doesn't like change.   In this imaginative journey featuring Fribbet, things are changing at his home, and he is uncertain of his future.
With A Flag for the Flying Dragon, the crew is challenged with the addition of a new member, Zach.  With showing the value and importance of every job, each person compromises in developing closer friendships.
In Being a Captain is Hard Work,  demonstrates the importance of listening to others.    With Captain No Beard showing his stubborn determination, this journey will be extremely dangerous unless he changes his ways.   What will make him hear others and acknowledge their intelligence?
Carole P. Romans been publishing this award-winning series since 2012  and earned the Kirkus Reviews Best ,  received a Star of Remarkable Merit,  NABE Pinnacle Award,  ERIK Award for the Best Book, a Readers View Classics Winner, Independent Author Network Book of the Year finalist, and a National Indie Excellence Finalist.
Carole Roman is the author now of many series of books.   Along with this Captain No Beard series, she has published many books in the series introducing visiting various countries and time periods throughout the world If You Were Me and Lived In..., as well as Cave Kiddos, Rocket-Bye, and Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?.  
These books are written for children between the ages of four and eight.  Using friendship and problem solving skills, these books are delightful and even educational for all ages.

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