Monday, May 30, 2016

Out of Control

Out of Control
The Kincaid Brides
Mary Connealy
Bethany House Publishers
Baker Publishing Group
Minneapolis, Minnesota
ISBN: 978-1-4412-6991-1
Trade paperback
$ 14.99
329 pages

"He'd frozen away everything that was beautiful. He'd cared for his brothers, but he hadn't risked loving them for the fear of how terrible it would be to lose them.  He'd never been as kind to his mother as he should have been because his love was locked away. He'd work beside his father and shown him respect but never love."

For Julia Gilliland, her life is out of control.  Her father told her he owns and runs a general store.  In actuality, he is a gambler and runs a low-class saloon.    She dreams of being an archaeologist, studying fossils.  She does not enjoy her life.   Fortunately, she has a close friend in her step-mother, Audra,  who is close to delivering another child.   Julia does enjoy her company and helping her with the endless chores.
Audra also has a life out of control.  Her father sold her to Wendell as payment for a gambling debt.  Now she lives in a shack with a young child, another on the way, her step-daughter, and an abusive much-older husband.
Rafe considers himself successful.   He manages his inherited land which includes old mines and caves.   He likes things organized, neatly in their places, and living a predictable life.  
Years ago, Rafe enjoyed his life as the oldest of three boys and being a leader.   With his brothers Ethan and Seth, the three had explored the family land.  Unfortunately, the three were part of an accident in a cave that caused Seth to suffer from severe burns.   The physical injuries resulted in scars, both physically and emotionally for Seth.   Rafe also was scarred emotionally, crippling from taking any risks.
Out of Control is written for women and has a Christianity thread running throughout.   It is a romance novel while expertly weaving the history of Colorado into a well-planned and developed series with characters who are multi-dimensional and having authentic daily issues complete with remorse.   
Out of Control is the first installment in Connolly's series entitled The Kincaid Brides.  
What amazed me about this novel was that it was a romance novel, but that was secondary to the actual historical story.
Mary Connealy has won numerous award for her writing.  She lives on a ranch in Nebraska.

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