Thursday, June 1, 2017

Brooklyn Graves

Brooklyn Graves
An Erica Donato Mystery
Triss Stein
A Worldwide Mystery
First Published by Poisoned Pen
ISBN: 978-0-373-28403-3
Mass Market Paperback
$ 7.99
280 pages

Who would steal a window from a family mausoleum?
Even more perplexing, why would the management attempt to cover it up and not report the problem to law enforcement?
Erica Donato has a busy life.  She is completing her doctoral project, a single parent of a teenaged daughter, and working part time at the Brooklyn Historical Museum at a job that is one-step above an intern.  Erica is to complete any task assigned to her at the museum.
Her newest project is to assist in an assessment of old letters and sketches long-ago forgotten in an attic.  These appear to be related to the company, Tiffany. 
Dr. Thomas Flint is a Tiffany expert.  She is to assist on escorting him to a mausoleum.  
As the rainstorm is subsiding, the two enter the cemetery only to be told of its closure.   Through the sloppiness of recent rain, the two arrive at the neglected Konick Mausoleum.  Although the damage seems to be more damaged by humans than nature,  
Erica is in awe at the inside of the museum in viewing a window made by Tiffany.  Even knowing of the Tiffany reputation, actually seeing the beauty of the glass reaches beyond her wildest expectation.
Now Erica has another challenge, her daughter's long-time friend, Dima is shot with his body left in front of his home.  The family has been close to Erica for years.  Why was he killed?
Brooklyn Graves is the second book in the Erica Donato series but can easily be read and understood without having read the first book.  Book One is entitled, Brooklyn Bones, book three is Brooklyn Secrets and the fourth books, Brooklyn Wars will be released in August.
Brooklyn Graves is a fascinating and engaging novel as the reader accompanies Erica with her entire investigation and attempting to discover who killed Dima while still learning about the phenomenal Tiffany art, especially in windows.
Brooklyn Graves perfectly balances history of the Tiffany windows into a fictional and engaging story interwoven masterfully.

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