Thursday, June 1, 2017

Out of the Black

Out of the Black
John Rector
Thomas & Mercer
Las Vegas, Nevada
ISBN: 9781477805046
$ 14.95
235 pages

Money can make people desperate.   For Matt Caine, the is exactly his life now, desperate.
Matt's wife died in a car accident.  His wife survived, but his daughter was permanently damaged requiring much rehabilitation and therapy.  
Unfortunately, providing for Anna's special needs now requires this time and money.   Another disadvantage is that now this single-parent has the challenge of also providing for his daughter and his night.  Most businesses are not very understanding.
An old friend is now meeting with Matt, offering him a solution.    
Jay believes an acquaintance of his has money.  So now he has developed a scheme.   He just needs Matt's help for it to be possible to solve both of their problems.
Added to his problem, Matt borrowed money to pay for Beth's funeral and his daughter's hospitalization and care.  However, the mobster that he borrowed the money from, now wants it paid back. 
His old time friend, Jay, is just out of jail.   Matt also spent time in prison, but now hopes to rebuild his life now into a successful life where he can live comfortably with his daughter.
Matt has another problem.   He is unemployed.  His wife's parents have what he needs, time and money.   They are extremely willing to care for Anna while he looks for another job.  Their hope is that this is temporary, just until he gets on his feet.
Matt agrees to Jay's plan which involves kidnapping his wife.  Naturally, the scheme doesn't quite work as expected and what begins as one small change, ends in disaster.
What happens when you are in trouble way to deep, and there is no solution now?
John Rector lives in Omaha, Nebraska.   His book Already Gone was nominated for the 2012 International Thriller Award.  His novels Lost Thing, The Grove, The Cold Kiss, The Ruthless, and recently released The Ridge are all best sellers.
Out of the Black catches the reader on the first page and does not release you until long after the book is finished.  The problem of having no easy solution to the problem, without swallowing your self-respect by giving in to his former in-laws.  They mean well but it 's hard to lose your pride.
The story is compelling, well-written and perfectly organized with characters that are very human in just looking for a better life.
All adults would enjoy this book.  Even though dark in tone, there is a part of each of us that can easily relate to Matt's situation.
Read Out of the Black for a fast-paced and memorable novel.

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