Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dead Forever Awakening

Author: William Campbell
Copyright 2010
Glyd-Evans Press
Paperback $ 14.95
ISBN 978-0-9717960-2-7
270 pages

What if when your body died, you could continue living but in a new, younger, healthier body? Would you be agreeable to life this way? This body would strictly be a shell for the mind to continue to live. However, life is seldom as simple as this and with immortality there is a price, as slaves without any individuality, creativity, or thinking.

What would you do if you awakened to find yourself in a situation where you are about to be burned alive and at the last moment, someone dangerously rescues you just in the nick of time. However, your challenge is that you can’t seem to remember why you are in the situation or why are you being rescued.

DEAD FOREVER AWAKENING is about a group of rebels who are fighting for their freedom. Dying is not an issue, since you can have a new body when needed. The fear is amnesia which erases past memories and lives. As you learn more, you begin to understand why you were rescued. You have knowledge and skills that are valuable to this group. When will you finally remember all your lost memories?

In the action adventure, the pace is non-stop race from being back in the hands of authority and always questioning the position and actions of the rebel group. The characters are a little odd, but extremely realistic and likable. The personal voice is the strength of the novel in that you feel as if you really live in the main hero’s body with him.

AWAKENING is the first in the DEAD FOREVER trilogy. The story will continue in the second book of this trilogy which will be called APOTHEOSIS and the third book is RESONANCE.

William Campbell lives in Oregon and works in the technology field.

I look forward to the next two novels to complete this trilogy.

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