Sunday, May 2, 2010

Motherhood is Murder

By Diana Orgain
Berkley High Crime
Penguin Books
March 2010
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-23373-3
307 pages

One of the challenges for parents of newborns is having quality adult time together. That’s why Kate
Connolly is intrigued and eagerly accepts an invitation to possibly join a new-mommy club on a dinner
Cruise. Unfortunately the cruise results with the death of one of their members. Having previously
assisted with a criminal investigation, Kate finds herself drawn to the investigation wanting to solve
the death. She conveniently omits the fact the she does not yet have an investigator’s license. Also,
she is beginning to realize that investigating a murder might endanger your family as well as yourself.

While adjusting to life with a seven-week-old baby, Kate sees this as the perfect opportunity to launch
into her career as a private investigator. She is hoping to temporarily “borrow” or use the license that
belongs to one of her mother’s boyfriends.

While investigating, Kate discovers that many people had reasons to kill Helene. Between a mother
being literally excluded from the group for a two-year-old biting a baby, someone else cancelling a
building project add-on to their house which is the financial dependence for another family, a possible
affair, and the relationship with a midwife that just doesn’t seem logical. It appears that everyone has
secrets and possibly reasons for wanting Helene to be dead.

When Kate is asked by one of the members to investigate one of the group’s husband’s possibility to
having an affair, she views this as her opportunity to become a successful investigator on her own.

Kate is a wonderful character with common characteristics that are easy to relate to with each reader.
Her husband is amazingly is completely supportive is all her decisions, never once questioning any
decision or choice in her investigation that directly affects their lives.

Diana Orgain was lives in California and has already pursued a career in the entertainment business.
Just like her character, Kate, as she became a writer, she found herself pregnant.

MOTHERHOOD IS MURDER is the second in a series by Diana Orgain. You do not need to read the
previous book to understand the characters. This novel is a quick, easy, and a cozy read. I look forward
to the next novel in this series.

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