Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet Misfortune

By Kevin Alan Milne
Center Street
Hatchett Book Group
June 10, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59995-297-0
288 pages
$ 19.99

Lasting happiness only, Nothing that fleets.
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“The world may be your oyster, but your oyster lacks the pearl.”

Sometimes life makes lemonade out of lemons. That is exactly what Sophia Jones has done. She owns a chocolate store and after being jilted at almost the altar, she went back to her store and created the “Misfortune Cookie” with a depressing fortune and covered with a bitter chocolate. To her surprise, these were a hit and people love them.

Sophie’s parents were killed in a car accident on her ninth birthday so she has difficulty aging as she meets each birthday. For her 29th-birthday, her best friend, Evalynn, accompanies her to work and spends the day helping, really “munching” throughout the day. However, Sophie was not prepared for Evalynn’s surprise. When her former fiancĂ©, Garrett, appeared in the shop, Sophie was really wondering about why Evalynn would allow such a thing.

When Garrett broke off their engagement, Sophie was given no explanation. He just disappeared from her life. Now Garrett wants a date with Sophie to explain his actions. She comes up with an idea about what happiness is and if he wants the date, he will have to place an ad in the local newspaper asking for people’s responses about happiness. If she receives one hundred acceptable answers, she will go on the one date with Garrett. If there are not a hundred, oh well.

SWEET MISFORTUNES is Sophie’s journey into what caused her parents’ death and what will make her happy. This is also just fun to read. Sophie’s pessimism is so realistic and her attitude makes the character likable, but spunky.

This book is for anyone who needs to get over the past to move on with their life. The storyline is romantic, yet comical. SWEET MISFORTUNE would be the perfect summer beach book.

Teri Davis May 30, 2010

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