Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dead Forever: Apotheosis

Author: William Campbell
Copyright 2010
Glyd-Evans Press
Paperback $ 16.95
ISBN 978-0-9717960-5-8
362 pages

Sometimes you just can’t be at the right place at the right time. Maybe it could be that your right time is wrong for you but perfect for someone else.

What if you narrowly escaped with your life and find yourself imprisoned on an alien planet with what appears to be a humanoid catlike creature? Due to your intelligent ability to talk your way through many conflicts, the captors eventually see you as a god rather than an enemy. So now you have been elevated to the divine level, thus apotheosis.

Adam has lived through many body changes and has fortunately survived with maintaining some of his previous memories. He really values his memory of the one he loves, Christine, and his former nemesis, Jared.

Instead of a body dying, the memories search out a new body at a farm where they are created. There are not births, just moves the consciousness to new bodies. The hope of each individual is for a new body rather than a permanent death. Due to genetics, the need for births are no longer needed and no one has a childhood.

Unfortunately, once Adam accepts his god status, his immediate thoughts are for Christine and begins a search for her accompanied by Physuro and Stu, two loyal catlike humanoids. During the search they are captured by the snakelike creatures that are at war with the cats.

This futuristic sequel to DEAD FOREVER: AWAKENING continues the personal conflicts of these human characters as they change physically, but maintain their friendships, love, and animosities. The addition of Physuro and Stu add comical and delightful situations.

DEAD FOREVER: APOTHEOSIS is the second in this proposed trilogy. You cannot understand APOTHEOSIS without reading AWAKENING. The characters and the storylines overlap too much for this to be a successful stand alone novel.

The strength of APOTHEOSIS is the continuation of the relationships between the characters, even with their body changes. The humanity towards others or the lack of with the characters makes both books an action adventure with sincere relationships that make each entity visible to the reader.

I look forward to the final installment, DEAD FOREVER: RESONANCE.

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