Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Lunatic Life

My Lunatic Life
Sharon Sala
Bell Bridge Books
ISBN: 978-1611940428
$ 11.95
156 pages
Young Adult

For any teenaged girl, moving during high school can be upsetting. If the move is at the beginning of
the senior year, it can be a traumatic.

Tara Luna has a few other issues to add to this like living with her single parent, bachelor
uncle since the death of her parents. Also having psychic powers and two ghosts as her closest
companions definitely keeps her life interesting. More importantly, these are not the best conditions in
starting a new life with new friends.

In this new house where Tara lives with her uncle, she feels the presence of another ghost, a dark spirit
who is not communicating with her but who seems to have been murdered. What does this
apparition want from Tara? She discovers that her body is buried somewhere in the backyard, but
where? Who killed her and why?

The high school is not exactly the best for Tara since she immediately has acquired some adversaries,
the head cheerleader and her best friends. Added to that, the head cheerleader’s former boyfriend is
very interested in Tara.

Tara’s psychic powers allow her to sense things which are troubling others. She can sense when
someone is missing money because the babysitter is stealing from her or if someone is near death So
how do you tell the teachers that someone is dying in a bathroom in another part of your building
without directly involving yourself?

All of these definitely cause Tara to think about her lunatic life.

My Lunatic Life is fast-paced and engaging. Tara has special abilities but solves real problems that are
normal to most teenaged girls. She fortunately has two ghosts who greatly assist her with the
injustices of life. Between wondering about the questionable background of a boy who seems to be
interested in her, to dealing with a bachelor guardian who tends to like the life of a nomadic gypsy, to
making new friends, to having meddlesome interfering but caring ghosts, to researching the past and
greatly upsetting those alive, all of these are what makes My Lunatic Life a delightful book.

Since one thread that was started in My Lunatic Life was not concluded, I look forward to the sequel,
The Lunatic Detective.

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