Sunday, April 1, 2012

Momentum Ballet Nebraska March 2012

For professional performers, it is amazing how simple their movements seem when in actuality; it takes years of training to properly move this way. That is my thinking about ballet. These truly professional, well-trained artistic performers move so gracefully, purposefully, and artistically, that their movements might seem easy and simple, but really take years of training to develop this art form.
“Momentum” was presented to the public last weekend by Ballet Nebraska in two performances at Joslyn Art Museum. This was a varied program showing different aspects of ballet. From traditional ballet, to humor, to modern choreography, to true story telling through movement, “Momentum” proved to be a driving force of energy and artistry.
The “Baccanale Variations” was a traditional dance featuring four dancers, to “The Dying Swan” moving gracefully and expressively, to” Americano” which was a modernistic flirtation, to “Love Games”, to the “Perpetuum Mobile”, each demonstrated the artistic variations of dance.
“Dance Sport” was a combination of sports with dance and proved to be a fun and humorous interpretation using sporting movements with ballet. From the sport’s announcer to the referee who seemed to always be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, this athletic romp proved both energetic and masterful. Through replays and slow motion this was definitely a favorite with the audience.
“Cleopatra” was the perfect combination of dance as an expressive form of storytelling. The gracefulness of each member added to the entrancing dramatic and truly romantic story without words. This was dance at its best. Through only movement, the story was easily understood and expressed. The romantic overtones perfectly matched the involvement of the performers with Sasha York as Marc Anthony and Natasha Grimm as the beautiful, enticing Cleopatra. The asp, Matthew Carter was outstanding with his movements and interactions wearing an unusual snake costume which even had influences of Princess Beatrice’s hat from the recent royal wedding. The costume was perfect for this part.
“Ballet Nebraska” superbly incorporates local dance students in their productions which dually give the children experience on stage while also promoting the local talent. Also, the costuming of all the performers was superb. Every outfit fit the selection, the performer, and truly envisioned the purpose of that selection.
“Ballet Nebraska” will perform again next October at Joslyn with a new “Momentum” program, as well as “The Nutcracker” in December, and “Alice in Wonderland” in April 2013. I look forward to all of these gorgeous and graceful performances.

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