Wednesday, February 1, 2012

El Gavilan

El Gavilan
Craig McDonald
Tyrus Books
ISBN: 978-1-4405-3194-1
426 pages
$ 24.95

What do you do when your job causes the death of your wife and child? How do you go on?

Tell Lyon left the Border Patrol to start over as head of the police in New Austin, Ohio. Hoping that the problems of the past never reappear, heading a small law enforcement force might just be what he needs.

One of his first duties is to meet with the sheriffs of the two neighboring areas, Sheriff Able Hawk from Horton County and Walt Pierce from Vale County. He quickly realizes that there will be territorial and overlapping boundaries between these close-in proximity areas. Also, he quickly concludes that both have a completely opposite approach to law enforcement.

The problem of immigration, both legal and illegal, is the focus point for each of these three law enforcement leaders. How the three of them approach this realistic problem is visibly apparent in El Gavilan.

El Gavilan, which means hawk in Spanish in the nickname given to the highly opinionated Sheriff Hawk. This man assists the legal immigrants in numerous ways within the community but has no patience for the illegals. With introducing Tell into the community, he discovers a kindred spirit which assists in developing their respect and mutual friendship.

Tell quickly reestablishes his life and begins to develop a personal relationship with Patricia as she is ending her interest in Shawn O’Hara, the editor of the local newspaper. When Shawn is beaten, his resentment is focused on Tell.

The story centers on the brutal rape and murder of Thalia. Her surviving family includes her mother and daughter. Shawn O’Hara, the editor, had been with Thalia the night before her death. He slunk off from her early the next morning without a word to her. He was the last one, except the murderer, to see her alive.

The story revolves around the Thalia’s case now and Tell’s past, giving insight into the motivations of the characters. The action is non-stop. This investigation is fast-paced and somewhat predictable. You just don’t know how it will be proven and how the personal problems can be resolved.

Craig McDonald is a writer, journalist, and editor who has been nominated for numerous awards for both his short stories and books.

El Gavilan is graphic both sexually and violently. The story is fast-paced, enthralling, and one novel that you will not quickly, if ever forget.

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