Sunday, February 12, 2012

Getting Lucky

Getting Lucky
D.C. Brod
Tyrus Books
December 18, 2011
ISBN: 978-1440531989
336 pages
$ 24.95

In Getting Lucky, a reporter is discovered dead in an apparent hit and run accident on a deserted road with her loyal dog at her side. Why would anyone walk their dog on a road with no sidewalks? This doesn’t make sense.

Robyn Guthrie, a freelance reporter for the paper, agrees to look into what Clair had been investigating at the time of her death. What she didn’t plan on was that way too many people were interested in this story.

Getting Lucky has a freshness of realism. Robyn is constantly distracted by real life. Keeping her life in balance is a challenge as this investigation unveils. She also questions old-friendships, her current love, her future wants, and who she can actually trust.

Having a wealthy mother is a comfort to her, but her mother is not happy at her nursing home. Even though she suffers from Alzheimer’s, her mother would like for Robyn and her to purchase a house together. The timing could not be worst. Robyn has just turned down moving in with her boyfriend after the two discovered they had different viewpoints on having children. With Robyn in her early forties, she is not planning on having children which does destroy her boyfriend’s dreams.

Clair had been investigating a new housing development which was both environmentally friendly and reasonably priced. When Robyn takes over this assignment, she unfortunately is reacquainted with a high school classmate. This was a person who ridiculed her when she was a teenager. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful person to interview now that she is in her early forties and not married or successful?

Getting Lucky is an intense tale with a real life constantly complicating matters. What do you do when you are being followed while you are still investigating the death and all the routine haunts of your everyday life?

Getting Lucky is the second installment in this series by D. C. Broad, following Getting Shorty. She has previously written the Quint McCauley private detective series and the Arthurian contemporary thriller, Heartstone. She resides in Illinois.

Getting Lucky is well-written and well-paced. This novel also introduced to me the wonderful, storytelling abilities of D.C. Brod.

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