Sunday, February 19, 2012

The WaterCoolers

The Water Coolers are a different type of entertainment. The members are from a New-York comedy group that incorporates Broadway performers into their acts with a comic approach to everyday life.
This traveling company with five actors, one pianist, and one technician travel throughout the country entertaining audiences with their own versions of songs presented last Saturday at The Arts Center located at Iowa Western Community College.
Many of us have had a variety of computer problems throughout the years and have had to deal with the customer service technicians or the help with the local technicians in your company. When anyone actually talks to you, it always seems like it is a completely different language. This leads perfectly to their song entitled, “The IT Cowboy”. Another issue for most parents is dealing with all the wonderful fund raising campaigns. This leads to “Who Will Buy This _____ for My Kid’s School?”
Personally, my favorite was the person at works who really just manipulates and does not work. “The Great Pretender” is a song featuring this person. The singing talent incorporated close harmonies and really allowed Mick Bonde to belt out this song. Also easy to understand was “Delay Come and I Want to Go Home” relating the problems of airplane travel and comparing this experience to the DMV in the sky.
Each presentation was filled with energy and were delightfully comical, and unfortunately, very truthful and realistic. The songs were commonly well-known tunes with updated words that every adult could easily understand in this daily life situations.
The performances of these five were well-trained voices filled with energy, harmony, and choreography. The balance of the group abounded with enthusiasm and showmanship interwoven in comedy. This company included the talents of Peter Brown, Xander Chauncey, Ariel Page, Brooke Wilson, and Mick Bonde along with a wonderful accompanist and technician.
The group interacted with the audience and even had a brief Iowa quiz between two contestants, one from Omaha and one from Council Bluffs. (The Omaha resident won.)
Some of the tunes used in this particular performance were “Intermission” based on the tune of “Oklahoma”, “Scrolling on the Touch Screen” to the tune of “Rolling on the River” and “Paranoia” to the tune of “The Hallelujah Chorus”.
This was great entertainment on a Saturday night. I would gladly see this group again, anytime.

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