Monday, May 20, 2013

Free Fall

Free Fall
A John Ceepak Mystery
Chris Grabenstein
Pegasus Crime
New York, New York
ISBN: 978-1-60598-475-9
318 pages
How many people are convicted only on circumstantial evidence? How many people are convicted because the accuser has money, power, and influence?
In the book Free Fall, Christine happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. Being a home health care nurse, frequently places her in a situation where people are more at risk to die. However, did she help any of her patients along the journey towards death?
Detective Danny Boyle along with his new partner, Salvaore Santucci are called to a house by a 911 call. The caller is a young teen in a wheelchair whose mother is fighting with his nurse to the level that the mother is actually choking the nurse. When the officers stop the fight, the old woman immediately accuses the nurse of attacking her. However, the nurse, Christine, has finger marks on her throat that are visible enough to be photographed. Danny recognizes the nurse as being a close friend of his deceased fiance and agrees to assist her in moving her personal items out of this house. Since Christine was a live-in nurse, now she has no place to live. Danny calls a friend who can give her temporary shelter.
Since leaving the hospital, Christine has both a day and a night job. Thee older gentleman that she cares for during the day is found dead from poison that was in his medication. Guess who administered the daily medication?Yep, Christine, again.
Free Fall is the 7th book in the John Ceepak series. This novel does require the reader to understand the characters of Ceepak and Boyle which were in previous books, Tilt-A-Whirl, Whack a Mole, Hell House, Mind Scrambler, Mad Mouse, and Rolling Thunder . You really need to read at least Tilt A Whirl before starting this particular novel in the series.
Yes, I love these light fast-paced enjoyable adventures of Ceepak and Boyle.
Christ Grabenstein is an award winning author with two Anthony and three Agatha Awards. He is successful as a comedian, playwright, screenwriter, as well as a children's book author.
Free Fall is like a reunion. The character combination of Ceepak and Boyle is special and delightful. This well-written novel continues with a well-organized plot that keeps the reader wondering as each step of the investigation unfolds.

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