Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Addams Family: The Musical

What is one song that can have everyone of all ages clicking their fingers in unison once the tune begins? Unquestionably, young and old react the same way when they hear the theme song from "The Addams Family: The Musical" showing at the Orpheum Theater through May 19th
The Addams Family began as the published cartoons by Charles Addams. Their success in print resulted first in a television series and then a movie. Now, the life of this family is in a new show with Wednesday in love with a normal boy from a normal family. That is normal compared to the Addams'.
The normal family has been invited to the Addams' home for the parents to get to know each other. Secretly this meeting of the families is to announce the engagement of Wednesday and Lucas. Gomez unfortunately has the burden of being the parent who Wednesday first confesses of her love for Lucas. He has promised his daughter that he would not tell his wife, Morticia, even though he never keeps any secrets from her. Gomez finds himself struggling with doing the right thing for both of them. Besides keeping a secret from his wife, Gomez also admits that as a parent he is conflicted with being completely happy while also completely sad with his only daughter in love and wanting to marry.
The costumes are traditional for the characters with Morticia's form fitting dress "cut down to Venezuela" as quoted by Gomez.
The Addams Family is a clever show where you just never know what to expect. With some unusual effects, the show offers humor as well as the remembrance of the television series and the good times with Wednesday torturing Pugsley.
Certain scenes perfectly combine the character traits with music in a way that is entertaining as well as hilariously memorable. My favorite is definitely Uncle Fester singing "The Moon and Me" ending with memories of Debussy "Clair de Lune". Also, a special cameo appearance is well appreciated in the second act.
To truly enjoy this show, you need to have some idea of the old television series and the characters. There are a few lines in this show that require some history such as a one-liner from Jackie Gleason's "The Honeymooners" which the younger ones in the audience did not understand but most of the audience loved. Also, some references to other musicals appear in some unusual places.
Wednesday, portrayed by Jennifer Fogarty, is outstanding. Her strong voice beautifully tells of her woes and darkness. Keleen Snowgren was the perfect Morticia overflowing in seduction, dancing, and singing. Jeremy Todd Shinder as Pugsley won the hearts of the audience. Shaun Rice as Uncle Fester was truly charismatic making everyone laugh.
Tickets for this darkly delightful musical begin at $25 and can be purchased at the Ticket Box Office for Omaha Performing Arts at the Holland Center, online at ticketomaha.com, or by telephone at (402) 345-0606.
The sign of a good show is when the audience clicks their fingers at the beginning and substitutes the clicks for applause at the end. The Addams Family:The Musical is a dark delight for everyone.

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