Monday, May 6, 2013

Is is Still Murder if She Was a Bitch?

Is It Still Murder Even If She Was a Bitch?
A Donna Leigh Mystery
Robin Leemann Donovan
Write Life Publishing
Omaha, Nebraska
ISBN: 978-1-60808-038-0
$ 12.95
284 pages
By being a part owner of an advertising business, if a former employee is murdered, you know that your business will be involved in the investigation. So what is the wisest thing to do? For Donna Leigh that answer is to just solve the murder with the help and resources of the business. Is that the smartest thing to do though? Are you endangering yourself and your co- workers? Only after finding the murderer will anyone know if that is smart, if she lives long enough for that conclusion.
When Claire Dockens was found dead, no one was really surprised.   The woman had the bad habit of creating enemies.   Unfortunately for Donna Leigh, her advertising agency had been one of Claire's stepping stones on her quest for riches with many wounded co-workers along the path.  
A former employee, Clovis, firmly believes that she is the most likely suspect to be the murderer.    With her flair for the overly dramatic, flamboyance, and being extremely self-centered, she made the book believable as well as comical. Her intention is for Donna to stay in constant contact with her on every development.
One conflicted situation revolved around Donna's husband, a gifted mystery solver. This man doesn't even read mysteries because he usually solves them within the first few pages of a novel.  Early in the story, he believes that he knows who is the killer. He then writes it on a piece of paper and places it in a sealed envelope to be opened when the case is solved.   Considering the his wife Donna is investigating everyone and has even been threatened, wouldn't a caring person at least advise his wife to stay clear of certain people?
The characters in Is it Still Murder Even if She Was a Bitch? are realistic.  Who hasn't known a person who must always be the center of attention?  With all the employees of the advertising firm, the characters are believable. With including their personal relationships whether solid and shaky.   
The setting is easier to understand for those people who have a some background of the basic layout of Omaha. For those outside the metro area, it might be a challenge.
Robin Leemann Donovan is a transplanted New Jersey native who now makes her home in Omaha.  Is It Still Murder Even If She Was a Bitch? is her first published fictional novel.
Omaha author, Robin Leeman Donovan is an award winning author for the blog, Menologues. This particular novel, Is it Still Murder Even if She Was a Bitch? won an AMA Pinnacle award. Obviously she has utilized much of her personal experience in writing this novel.
Is it Still Murder if She Was a Bitch? is a light cozy mystery which keeps the reader wondering to the end about who was the murderer. It was comical since almost everyone had some motive to kill the victim. The relationships and friendships with the characters were the strength of this novel.
Why not read this novel to discover the answer to Is it Still Murder if She Was a Bitch?

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