Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Broadway Dreams 2013

The 2013 Broadway Dreams show last Saturday at the Holland Center was different this year. The Broadway performers were not identified so the audience really had no way to identify the professionals from the students unless they happened to be male with facial hair.
With this particular show being "Circle of Dreams", there definitely was a feeling of a circus the entire night. With elaborate costumes and make-up, at times the audience had the feeling of observing an old time freak show.
This year some of the selections were obviously for older students rather than children with selections especially with the selections from "Moulin Rouge".
What is fun is to view these Broadway show snippets before the touring companies are in the area.
For me, the selections from "Big River" and "Xanadu" were by outstanding. "Big River" featured two talented student interns as Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer who perfectly blended for their various songs and as the slave, Jim, Quentin Earl Darrington definitely commanded this role and demonstrated why he won a Tony Award. His powerful voice literally commanded the stage. These selections demonstrated also why this particular musical won the Tony's many years ago.
"Xanadu" was fun to watch complete with glow sticks and confetti guns. The energy was exhilarating as the leads with roller skates and sweats from the 1980s told the story of this Cinderella-like musical. Yes, the lead actress did lose a roller skate reminiscent of Cinderella's glass shoe as she hobbled around on stage. Two performers from "Xanadu" unquestionably stole the show. These two were Zeus's daughters that were looking forward to the demise of one their sisters as she fell in love with a mortal. Their singing, acting, and meddling were comical as this twosome observed the love story.
With songs also from "Pippin", "Shrek", and "Side Show" all of which required unusual costumes and make-up as the performers delighted the audience with their dancing, acting, and wonderful singing. This was a fun night that ended all too soon.
What will the show be like in 2014?

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