Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Journeymen

How many men's quartets have been around since 1957 and are still actively touring?
The Journeymen is one of the few who are in this rare category for longevity. How have they survived? Their message in music through their harmonies proves to be enriching and invigorating to everyone.
These four gentlemen continue the tradition of previous members with their singing of Southern gospel music. The current members of the quartet are Paul Allman who has a strong and powerful bass voice, with Jordan Akers singing his beautifully blended baritone voice, Stacey Akers and Blake Bledsoe are both tenors with complimenting voices.
Through this weekend, The Journeymen will continue to sing for various churches near this area. With voices that are clear, energetic, and blending in harmonies, The Journeymen are an invigorating force for gospel music and all performers. Their blend of music and humor make for a delightful evening for people of all ages.
Most of the songs sung at their concert are available on their new CD entitled "The New Chapter" which can be purchased at their performances at a discounted rate.These songs are outstanding with beautifully balanced rich harmonies. What was and is outstanding is when this group sings what they know best, old-time Southern gospel music with no accompaniment, strictly accapella in a downhome bluegrass style straight from the hills of West Virginia. The balancing of their voices as well as their blended sound, creates an exhilarating experience for the listener.
The cost of their concert is free. They do ask for a freewill offering to defray their costs. Why not discover The Journeymen this summer to cool your soul with the music to warm your heart?

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