Monday, July 22, 2013

Come Home to Kanesville review

It always feels safe and secure coming home and that is what the musical "Come Home to Kanesville" does for each member of the audience. For the seventh consecutive year, this musical has been delighting the local community and will continue each night at 7:30 pm on Mondays through Saturdays with an additional family performance on Saturday at 4 pm continuing through August 3rd at the Kanesville Tabernacle.
"Come Home to Kanesville" this year has two additional musical numbers. While the focus of this story is the temporary settlement of our town that was previously called Kanesville with the actual setting in the town back in 1846. This settlement along the Missouri River was called Miller's Hollow but with the 13,000 refugees from the Mormon town of Nauvoo, things changed besides the name. After the Mormon families took three months to arrive at this new settlement, they realized that they could not continue with the soon approaching winter months and chose to settle here while separating into over 100 small settlements to temporarily plant crops and settle for the winter months. This was when four thousand of these people moved to the Winter Quarters in Omaha.
This musical deals with those settlers strictly in this area that became Council Bluffs.
"Come Home to Kanesville" is a fast-paced family oriented musical in the intimate setting of the Kanesville Tabernacle where the audience easily makes direct eye-contact with each member of the cast. The singing, acting, and dancing keeps your feet tapping for the entire time.
For the major parts, two people are cast and alternating in these roles. The voices were outstanding in their part in the performance I viewed. David Young is always the compassionate Thomas Kane whom Kanesville was named. Angie Blad and Jana Clark Anderson are both from Omaha with both possessing beautiful and melodic singing voices. Jon Fox was wonderful as Richard Martin, a part he had in a previous year,. as he became one of the young lovers. Rylie Hadley from Omaha and James Cruse from Council Bluffs were believable and delightful as the Lewis children.
The cast is very enthusiastic with roles that demonstrate their multiple talents with a blend of light-hearted humor with a story that delights everyone over the age of eight.
Due to funding, this program is not planned to be continued after this year.
This program is completely free. Presently, there is not funding for this program to continue next year.
What is there to do in Council Bluffs during the heat of summer? Why not bring your family to enjoy this fun musical in an air-conditioned facility that both educates and delights?

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