Thursday, December 26, 2013



Hilary Fields
Hachette Book Group
New York, New York
ISBN: 978-0316277389
November 2013
$ 16.00
352 pages

When your lover is your boss, life can be challenging. For young newcomer to the world of gourmet competition and master chefs Serafina Wilde is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a famous chef. However, when the best is your boss and partner, life can be crowded when the ego and temperament are included in the package.
Yes, he values her desserts especially when customers are thrilled. No one can create a wedding cake like Sera but it is her boss who receives the recognition, not her.

Unfortunately, his ego needs to be constantly uplifted and he seems to delight in humiliating Serafina. She turns to alcohol. Naturally she is fired and looses her lover, forcing her to find her own place to live. Now that she is blacklisted, who will hire her as a chef?

A phone call from Sera's aunt, Pauline in Sante Fe changes everything. Her aunt has lost her partner and needs help. Could this be a blessing in disguise?The business owned by her aunt turns out to be “Pauline's House of Passion”, Pauline would like for Sera to take over the front of the store featuring her delicious desserts with the backroom still remaining as the sensuality lessons. Life will be interesting with Sera selling desserts out of the front and her aunt selling sexual toys in the back room. How will this combination of a store be successful?
Bliss is a romantic comedy for those who enjoy chic lit with books like Bridget Jones and The Devil Wears Prada. Unquestionably, the intended audience is for the up and coming females in their twenties and thirties. The story is well-organized, laughable, and delightful. The story moves quickly and does deal with lesbian relationships and sexual topics rather openly and bluntly.
Hilary Fields is a New Yorker who currently makes her home in Sante Fe, New Mexico somewhat similar to her character Serafina Bliss. She has written three historical romances as well as working as a copywriter and web editor.

Bliss is a humorous page-turner for those who enjoy a fast-paced romp.

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