Thursday, December 26, 2013

When Christmas Bells are Ringing

When Christmas Bells are Ringing
Back to Omaha Adventure
Jewell Tweedt
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ISBN: 978-1492348009
138 pages

Being a widow during 1878 was not easy for anyone, especially for those who were living in the frontier town of Omaha, Nebraska. Connie Simonson is attempting to successfully operate two cafes and is discovering that sometimes you can't be in two places at once while being a single parent raising a son.
Dr. James Connor is the only doctor in the town of Omaha. He can't keep up with the needs of the city as it is quickly growing. When an outbreak of influenza descends on the residents of the town afflicting the youngest citizens, how will he keep up without the town developing an epidemic?

It is almost as if the town needs a miracle. Where are those guardian angels when you need them?
This short novel is a refreshing voice in today's literature. The underlying themes of doing the right thing and treating people with dignity and fairness are invigorating in a romantic story with a Christian basis. The story is short but well-organized with likeable characters who have to make difficult choices decisions in what seems like no-win situations.

"When Christmas Bells are Ringing" is the fourth and final book in Jewell Tweedt's "Back to Omaha Adventures" following Faith of the Heart, Still Faithful, and Faith and Hope – Grace's Story. Because this story depends on the characters and events of the previous novels, I highly recommend that at least you read the first two books in this series before reading this one.
Jewell Tweedt hails from Omaha, Nebraska even though she currently teaches American History to middle school students while she resides in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

All of Jewell Tweedt's books are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Also all of this series of books are available from the author who can be contacted at .

Jewell has recently signed with Prism Book Group who will work with her on her future novels.
"When Christmas Bells are Ringing" is for those people who enjoy a well-written Christian historical romance story with characters who have in-depth characters from these "Back to Omaha Adventures" about our own metropolitan area.

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