Wednesday, October 2, 2013

If You Were Me and Lived in France...Mexico...South Korea

If You Were Me and Lived In...France...
ISBN: 9781481032001
22 pages
If You Were Me and Lived In...Mexico
ISBN: 9781480209626
24 pages
If You Were Me and Lived In...South Korea
ISBN: 9781481062343
26 pages
Carole P. Roman
Create Space Publishing Platform
Charleston, SC
$ 9.99 each

If You Were Me and Lived In... is a series of books which illustrate the cultural uniqueness in France, Mexico, and South Korea. These three books each discuss the famous events and attractions of each country. This is a quick overview of the culture and language with each one stating words such as boy, girl, mom, dad, money, school, and a quick look at the food choices.
Each book begins with the physical shape of the country and then show its place in comparison to the rest of the world. A drawing of recognizable and well-known sights from each capital city is described and illustrated. All of the books show a common shopping scene while discussing common children's proper names for each of these countries.
For the book discussing France, how the children address their parents as well as the money, and everyday activities such as buying bread in Paris, a visit to the Eiffel Tower, eating crepes, playing football which is really soccer and to learn about Bastille Day.
In the book about South Korea, there is information about the money system, how the children speak with their parents, common sites from ancient times to modern amusement parks, the food and how to eat it, Taekwondo, dolls, the Lunar New Year celebration, as well as many of the cultural tradition in dress with elders, and going to school.
The book about Mexico won the Pinnacle Award in 2013 for the Best Non-fiction for Children. This book continues as the other two while also bringing in the significance of Columbus Day. The illustrations strongly support the written information with a review of the foreign words on the last page of each book. Also, the last page of each book is a quick reference for all the foreign words used in the book with the translation into English.
Carole P. Roman is a former social studies teacher who has also been an instrumental in her family's business. She resides on Long Island.
For anyone curious about the cultures and life in South Korea, France, or Mexico, these books are a wonderful introduction to life in a foreign country for young children.

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