Monday, October 28, 2013

Simply Music

Do you ever regret that you never learned to play the piano? If you started as a child, did you thing more about playing with your friends outside rather than practicing?
Times have changed and for some of us, piano lessons have changed.

Quite a few years ago in Australia, a man named Neil Moore was asked to teach piano to a blind student. He realized immediately that he needed to change his approach. How do you teach someone to play the piano without won't be able to read the music?

Neil developed a method where you begin to play the piano by learning the patterns of the instrument with both hands. This is called a "playing" based approach. This blind student was thrilled with what he was learning each week and started to teach his family, then his neighbors, until all those around him were playing the piano. Similar to learning to talk before learning to read, this method called Simply Music and it teaches people of all ages to enjoy the piano while learning to play it.
Naturally skeptical, I discovered a little about this method and was intrigued, although still wondering about how this could or would it actually work. The method isn't memorizing but you do need to practice to become proficient with the patterns. Does it work? Can you actually learn to play the piano without reading the music?

Yes, it does work and you also learn to read music. Currently, I have students of all ages from 5 to 83. My 83-year-old student is delighted with her progress and is outstanding at improvising. ( I couldn't improvise after ten-years of piano lessons.) What delights me the most is how well my students are playing after such a short time!
My students are playing blues, contemporary songs, classical music, and composing while also learning to accompany, improvise, and transpose. Their weekly success thrills me in that they are able to do in a few short weeks what took me years to learn.
Why not see if this method is for you? It's never too late to learn.
The first lesson is free and allows you to see if this method could work for you, your children, your grandchildren or even your parents.
Even after the first lesson you are able to play a recognizable tune with both hands. Also, in Simply Music the parents can learn to play right along with their child. A husband and wife can learn to play together in the same lesson. This creates an environment where learning to play the piano can become family enjoyment as they spend their practice time together learning from each other.
Simply Music has a special program for those children from ages five to seven called "Play a Story". This program is about creating music for both the child and the parent on the piano and learning the basics before beginning the actual lessons.
For people with special needs, Simply Music is perfect since the lessons break down into pattern blocks. This can work for anyone and how fast you learn strictly depends on you. What have you got to lose? A little time trying his method could change your life.
For more information call (402) 290-5451 or e-mail at
The motto for Simply Music is "...a world where everyone plays." Why not join in the delight of being able to play the piano for your family and for yourself?

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