Monday, October 14, 2013

The Book of Mormon

"The Book of Mormon" was not what I expected.   Hilarious, great singing and acting, dancing that was comical, and very adult.   Do not bring your grandchildren or teenagers.
This show that was created by the writers of "South Park" and is a religious satire about the Mormon faith.
This winner of nine Tony Awards "The Book of Mormon"  is about two young missionaries who are the opposite of each other in every way, being sent to Uganda to baptize new souls into their faith.   Unfortunately, this particular area already has some missionaries who have not been successful in baptizing one soul into the faith of the Church of the Latter Day Saints while the local residents are more concerned about a nearby general with his own version of conversion.
What was a pleasant surprise to me was the history about the origin of the Mormon faith.   Yes, it was a parody, but informative, not to mention comical with the illuminated Jesus.
Nic Rouleau as Elder Price and A.J. Holmes as Elder Cunningham were both wonderful in their roles.   Their singing was outstanding, dancing was perfect and energetic, with their acting demonstrating their enjoyment of their roles as well as their immense talent in telling the story and connecting with the audience.
Nabulungi portrayed by Syedha Mercado was both the innocent young girl while still being wise beyond her years.   She definitely can sing and proved her tremendous talent that she was a former  "American Idol" finalist. 
Pierce Cassedy is both Moroni and Elder McKinley stealing the show in a few places with his dancing antics that definitely showed his love and enjoyment of this musical.
The ensemble in this show was amazing.   In their dances, costume changes, singing, and complicated choreography that both told a story and was technically correct, this group emitted constant energy and enthusiasm throughout the show.
The show lasts two and a half hours with an intermission.
"The Book of Mormon" will continue shows at the Orpheum Theater, 409 South 16th St. in Omaha through October 20th with both  afternoon and evening performances available.   For tickets, call Ticket Omaha at (402) 345-0606, online at, or at the box office at the Holland Performing Arts Center at 13th and Douglas in Omaha.
With tunes the stay with you long after the performance, "The Book of Mormon" still has me humming, "I Believe",

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