Friday, October 11, 2013

The Boob Girls IV

The Boob Girls IV: Murder at Meadow Lakes
Joy Johnson
Grief Illustrated Press
Omaha, Nebraska 
ISBN: 978-1-56123-237-651
$ 14.94
136 pages

The man was more than dead.  Because he was living in a retirement community, it was likely that
he would eventually succumb to death naturally.  However, this was unquestionably, overkill.

His throat was cut and his head was smashed.   Also, there was a bullet hole in his jacket, a knife in his back, and a nylon cord wrapped tightly around his neck.  Which method really killed him?  Strangely, his toes had been freshly manicured and painted, even the ingrown ones.  Is this a murderer who is a pedicurist?

For the victim, Perculator Rasmussen, he was hanged, banged, and stabbed.   Yes, he wasn't well-liked, but no one deserves this much death.

Also living at this facility are the three surviving Boob Girls, the Burned Out Old Broads at Table 12, who have experience as amateur detectives, much to the chagrin of local law enforcement.  They do believe in doing the right thing even when others don't.

For those who have read the previous three novels, this is a fun addition.   If you have not read them, read the first book at least before reading this one.  The first one is strong with the development of the major characters who are so important in the series.   These Omaha-based novels are a combination Nancy Drew meeting Saturday Night Live.

Hadley continues to spend the money earned by her late husband while enjoying the attention of her retired sheriff.   Robbie thrives in intellectual challenges and is considering moving on now and might discover a new relationship.   Mary Rose has kept her weight off for quite a while now and is keeping Wiley close to her.

How are the girls going to react to this new resident?   Driving a gaudy Smart Car, black with large pink polka dots and eye lashes over the headlights,  is a retired homicide detective, Madge Aaron.  How will she get along with the girls and the investigating officers?

The Boob Girls IV: Murder at Meadow Lakes is a light, quick, simple mystery.   The story is fast-paced, maybe too fast-paced.   h

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