Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Corinthia Falls

Corinthia Falls
Kim Hutson
Outskirts Press
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-4327-7167-6
408 pages
Fiction -Christian

On a typical Sunday morning in Corinthia Falls, Oklahoma in 1981, you would find a small church with
a congregation divided. On one side are the Sitters, those who believe that worship should be
individual, quiet, and reflective, while on the other side are the Standers, those who stand most of the
service raising their hands and shouting out amen and blessings.

This divided congregation is united in one thing and that is their dislike for disturbances. So when a
boy is painted red, wearing antlers, accompanied by a red goat and claiming to be the devil, appears in
the church as a joke, this small town is upset about this devilish disturbance. Added to this is the
spiking of watermelon a few weeks later during a church picnic.

Paul, Colonel Pavlos Lincoln Armstrong, is an evangelist who travels to churches and communities
that need interventions to help their living of a Christian lifestyle, appears at the church dressed
completely in black with a creature that seems to be part bear/part dog. He settles into this community
with Silas, his dog, and the two begin to make an impact on many lives.

Timothy Oaks, better known as Timber, is the lead character in Corinthia Falls. You meet him as a
teenager approaching his senior year of high school along with his friends. Through his eyes, this story
is told.

Unfortunately, many books are grouped into the genre of being Christian literature and because of that,
are not read by the general public. Many of these are considered to be in the same category as a
romance novel and have a predictable storyline and conclusion. Even though Corinthia Falls is a
Christian book, the writing is outstanding and the story is memorable.

Corinthia Falls is storytelling at its best. The story should be entitled Timber instead of Corinthia Falls as
that is the center of the novel. For the last one third of the novel, Corinthia Falls is not the focus of the
story, Timber is. Even with this wandering, the story is wonderful and should be read by church goers
as well as those who should be church goers. It provides insight into the direction needed for our
churches and communities.

Kim Hutson, along with his wife, Rhonda work with the United Methodist Church in Eastern Oklahoma.
If this book is a reflection of his work, this must be a blessed area.

Read Corinthia Falls to experience a great story. Even though there is Christianity in the story, it fits as
part of the story, not as an addition. Corinthia Falls is a memorable reading experience for everyone.

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