Friday, June 10, 2011

Dead Forever Resonance

Author: William Campbell
Copyright 2011
Glyd-Evans Press
Paperback $ 15.95
ISBN 978-0-9717960-9-6
318 pages

Have you ever had dreams so vivid that they so real that you can’t separate reality from the dream? Have you ever felt déjà vu when you meet someone but inside you feel certain that you know them?

Damien knows that his conscientiousness has lived before in other bodies. However, he is having difficulty separating his many memories from his ability to sometimes see into the future with events presently happening in his daily life. Confused?

This series of DEAD FOREVER all center with the concept of moving one’s conscientiousness from body to body over time. Usually, most people are given a drug so that they forget their previous lives. A small rebellious group fights to keep their memories throughout the years. This story revolves around these characters.

Damien/Adam is looking for the love of his life, Christina. Unfortunately, he finds her quickly as Carmen who is married to an unethical narcotics police detective. Carmen’s father just happens to be engaged to Damien’s mother. With attempting to figure out his reality as well as keeping one step ahead of the police is not always easy.

In AWAKENING the strength was the action adventure while the characters bonded with each other. The relationships were important. Added to that in APOTHEOSIS was humor with Physuro and Stu. Unfortunately, RESONANCE was confusion for Damien/Adam. The relationships were not as strong, the action/adventure was not the center, but Damien’s confusion about separating dreams from reality greatly slowed down the pacing. This particular novel seemed to lack the personal voice of the characters in the writing that was so evident in the first two of this series.

These books need to be read in order to understand the story. This is not a trilogy where you would understand the third book at all without knowledge of the first two. Also, the first two books were readable for teens. RESONANCE has an explicit sexual scene which I would only recommend for adults.

William Campbell started his professional career in Los Angeles as a paste-up artist, to a press operator, lithographic cameraman and film stripper. He continues to work in the press/technology fields specializing in the conversion to e-books and programming premedia management systems.

I found the storyline in Resonance not as strong as the other two. Perhaps my expectation was too high after reading the first two in the trilogy. At times, Resonance felt reminiscent of the Bill Murray film, Groundhog Day with events being repeated with slight variations. This left the main character and the reader questioning what really happened.

This is an insightful trilogy for adult science fiction/fantasy lovers. The Dead Forever trilogy is an action packed adventure with many unusual and interesting insights.

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