Friday, June 17, 2011

The Mozart Conspiracy

Scott Mariani
A Touchstone Book
Simon & Schuster
March 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4391-9336-6
340 pages

After Mozart’s death, there were many who believed the former child prodigy had been poisoned. Being drawn to the dramatic lifestyle, death by common causes such as rheumatic fever, just didn’t seem to answer the questions about his demise.

Added to this mystery were certain facts about Mozart during this time. Being a member of the Freemasons, Mozart used much of this “secret” knowledge in his newest opera, “The Magic Flute.” Could his death be revenge or an attempt to stop this production?

What if Mozart actually wrote a letter during his final hours explaining his personal beliefs about what was happening to him?

The Mozart Conspiracy is a fictional story about this final letter that Mozart wrote on his deathbed regarding the Freemasons. The letter was hidden inside the leg of a piano bench and was discovered by an elderly piano restorer. He attempted to have the letter authenticated, but was not successful. Strangely though, the letter was auctioned off for an astounding fee. Would the Freemasons now want this letter? Were their secrets revealed in the letter?

Oliver Llewellyn and Ben Hope have long been friends from their days spent in army training. Oliver’s sister, Leigh, is a world famous opera singer who almost married Ben fifteen years ago. Oliver decides to write a novel regarding the Mozart letter which was found by his father.

After Oliver dies, Leigh contacts Ben in an effort to have closure and some answers to her brother’s death. Being Ben works as a contractual mercenary soldier, he has skills and is able to find out the truth about what really happened.

What Ben didn’t plan on was that now it is obvious that someone does not want any questions about this incident? Why? Why do people want to kill Leigh and him? Does this have to do with the Mozart letter?

Scott Mariani writes in a similar style as Dan Brown and James Rollins. The story is constant running, page turning, and obviously, an action adventure. Many of his books feature his James Bond like character, Ben Hope. He has written The Alchemist’s Secret, The Doomsday Prophecy, The Heretic’s Treasure, The Shadow Project, and The Lost Relic. He also has written the Vampire Federation series beginning with Uprising and the soon to be released in the UK, The Cross. He makes his home in Wales.

The Mozart Conspiracy was a very quick read and was enjoyable. Personally, I was pleased with his realistic ending. With many of these novels being very similar, the ending set this book apart and made it more reflective and introspective.

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