Sunday, June 5, 2011

Heart of Deception

Author: M. L. Malcolm
Paperback version entitled Deceptive Intentions, 2008, A Good Read Publishing
Paperback by Harper, Copyright 2011
$ 13.99
ISBN 978-0-06-196219-6
344 pages

Heart of Deception finishes the story that was started in the family saga, Heart of Lies. This book would not work as a standalone novel as much of the character development was in the previous novel. This is a continuation of the story.

This story deals more with Maddy Hoffman, the daughter of Leo and Martha. With Martha’s death, Maddy still feels guilty since her mother died when going to buy her a doll just when the department store in Shanghai was bombed by the Japanese. Amelia has gladly allowed Katherine’s Irish Catholic family to raise Maddy and she has moved to California. Leo is living in Europe, Africa, and Asia as a spy for hire and is estranged from his daughter.

Heart of Deception is about Maddy when her aunt, Martha’s sister wants to take over as her guardian. Leo also feels guilt for the separation from his daughter and is also attempting to rebuild this relationship. Maddy is resentful because of the separation and not completely trusting anyone after life with Amelia.

M. L. Malcolm lives as a recovering attorney even though she is a graduate of Harvard Law School. She has already won recognition in the Lorian Hemingway International Short Story Competition and the silver medal from ForeWord magazine for the Historical Fiction Book of the Year. She currently lives in Washington D.C.

Heart of Deception was previously published from A Good Read Publishing in 2008 under the name Deceptive Intentions.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this conclusion. Personally, when I read Heart of Lies I felt cheated since it was obvious that a sequel was planned. It was simple to reacquaint myself with the characters and to follow their lives. I would like to have had author notes at the conclusion of this novel to state how much of this was fiction and how much of this was based on the author’s family history.

The strength of this novel and the first is the realistic aspect of living through WWII and after in many different parts of the world. M. L. Malcolm is masterful in writing about a time period and specific places. This family saga is well-written and engrossing. I would strongly recommend that you purchase both books together since this book is a continuation of the first one.

Keep watching for any future book my M.L. Malcolm. They will definitely worth reading.

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