Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Great Catch: Lake Manawa Summers

A Great Catch: Lake Manawa Summers
Lorna Seilstad
Baker Publishing Group
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3446-6
384 pages
Christian –Romance - Historical

In 1901, being a single female and being twenty-two years old, meant that older aunts and a caring
grandmother might start being concerned about spinsterhood as a future. Emily Graham is living with
their concern while personally she is more passionate about being the president of the Council Bluffs
Equal Suffrage Club to allow women the right to vote.

Her family is spending the summer in a cabin at Lake Manawa and enjoying the area of this growing
resort. Her longtime friends, Lily Hart and Marguerite Andrews, who were featured in the previous
novel Making Waves, also are spending time at the lake while being with their small children and

A Great Catch is the second installment in the Lake Manawa Series this time featuring Emily Graham.
This story revolves more about the baseball experiences at the part as well as the touring women’s
league and the women’s suffrage movement.

Similar to the first novel, the female lead is clumsy and is rescued by the male protagonist. In that
regard, the romance is fairly predictable.

What is stronger though is Lorna Seilstad sense of history of the local area. She is excellent in
incorporating the past into readable stories. With using Carrie Chapman Catt, Amelia Bloomer, and the
suffrage movement, she masterfully weaves the romance around the history even including the fashion
of the time period.

Also notable is Ms. Seilstad’s usage of Christianity into the character’s everyday lives and not just relying
on God for your personal wishes. This is very natural and important for the characters to understand
as well as the readers.

Why should anyone read this novel? The strength of the history and the religious thoughts are superbly
demonstrated in A Great Catch.

This is one book that you don’t want to miss. You might want to even catch it. (OK, that was a pathetic

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