Sunday, May 24, 2009


Author: Peter Manus
Copyright 2008
Released September 2, 2008
Virgin Books
374 pages

“g-fren”- “OMG,” - “POS, “EOD,” “Sup wichu mon? U goin Sy-Ko?”
Text-messaging - - Blogs If you understand that the previous messages are girlfriend, oh my God, parent over shoulder, end of discussion, something up with you, man? You going psycho?, then this is an easy read for you. If not, I recommend you use for help in the translations.

Fickle is the blog name of a supposedly young, twenty-something, Bostonian, who works in a publishing house as a low-on-the-totem pole editor. She has set up her own personal blog for those others who are interested in film noir which is the crime drama of moral ambiguity and sexual motivation from the 1940s and 1950s. She loyally and daily recounts her life trials and triumphs through numerous hours spent with her blog buddies. She also enjoys her own anonymity on the blog as well as those who visit her blog site.

Fickle’s life changes when as she is planning to ride home by train one night, a man pushes her as he places himself in front of the train as he quickly dies. Shocked, Fickle stays and relays the events for the police. However, another witness mentions to the police that Fickle pushed the victim. This leads into Fickle investigating who the victim was and what would have caused this man to be suicidal.

Throughout the investigation, Fickle daily blogs on her own website and relates to the others in her group the daily developments. The groups listens, comments, and gives much helpful advice during this trying time while Fickle is also trying to get back to normal with her job. The daily development is addictive to the bloggers and to the readers of this novel. Each development quickens the pace and the suspense. This is not an easy novel to put down.

I definitely recommend this book due to the addictive quality it has when reading it and also that it is utilizing a new part of our language into a novel. Truly innovative.

FICKLE is the first novel for Peter Manus who is a law professor in Boston.

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