Sunday, May 24, 2009


By Peter May
Publication date: December 2008
Poisoned Pen Press
326 pages
$24.95 Hardback


A bomb goes off that was suppose to kill your daughter. You find out that you have leukemia and have only months to live. Then you find out that you were set up by someone to believe you were ill with cancer, when in reality you were healthy. Why would anyone want to kill your daughter who is a translator for the European Union? Why would someone condemn you to a death sentence with having leukemia when you were perfectly healthy? Why would someone set you up to be the most likely suspect in a murder and to plant your hairs on the victim? Logically, someone wants you out of the way. Why?

Enzo MacLeod has a reputation for solving cold cases, especially those written in a book by the boyfriend of his daughter. The book consists of seven well-known never solved cases and Enzo has already solved two of the seven. He logically concludes that whoever is doing this to him is the criminal behind one of the other five cold cases. He attempts to find the criminal before the criminal finds him and the criminal has an advantage since he has already begun the challenge.

The characters are extremely well-developed. The plot is intricate but you also finding yourself wanting to read faster and faster as the pace increases throughout the novel. BLACKLIGHT BLUE is not one book that you want to begin late at night. You will spend the entire night awake and reading it if you do.

This is the third book in a series by Peter May with Enzo MacLeod as the main character. Enzo is a character that anyone would want to help them out of any problem. He has the traits of persistence with wisdom. I personally plan on reading now the first two books in the series, THE CRITIC and EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE. After reading BLACKLIGHT BLUE I want more of Enzo MacLeod.

I hope Peter May writes quickly as I hope to read the next Enzo MacLeod book soon.

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