Wednesday, May 20, 2009


by Margaret Ronald
EOS – Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-0-06-166241-6
$ 7.99
320 pages
Science Fiction/ Fantasy

Supposedly everyone has some unique talent. For Genevieve Scelan, she has the rare ability to smell out people’s lost possessions and sometimes people. She can follow a person’s scent which has earned her the unfortunate nickname of “Hound”.
Supporting yourself on a smelling talent isn’t always the most lucrative, so Evie has to really earn a living by being a courier in Boston. The two careers though, don’t always work well together.
Evie receives a call from an old-friend in need. From the second Evie agrees to help Frank, she regrets this since there are just too many coincidences and dangers. She does feel indebted to him. Wanting to help, this agreement throws her world into complete turmoil and danger especially with the life under the city of Boston.
The evil mystical opponent group is called Bright Brotherhood. This is a group descended from Irish immigrants who had unusual abilities, possibly magical, who have grown powerful throughout the years. They have their own set of values and rules for anyone who do and do not belong to their group.
Evie is also asked by the police for assistance when dead bodies with strange Celtic markings are found. She had previously assisted with police investigations, so the local law enforcement unofficially believes in her gift. Unfortunately, these coincidental deaths also seem to be associated with the Bright Brotherhood.
The pacing is quick and a little jerky at times. This is Margaret Ronald’s first novel and though well-written, it’s not always flowing. The characters are believable which is strange for a book with characters with new abilities and new types of magical gifts. Evie is actually a likable and believable person. Even with strange forms of magic and terms being used, the book could be the beginning of a series for this new author.
Margaret Ronald is an Indiana native who now lives near Boston. This is the first of hopefully, many future books for this young and talented writer.

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