Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Author: Victoria Houston
Copyright 2008
Bleak House Books
Paperback $14.95
240 pages

There always seem to be one person in everyone’s lives who the world would be better without. However, that doesn’t mean that you want the person dead. So when that person is found dead, everyone is a suspect.

Nolan Reece was one of the upper-crust society matriarchs who could find fault in everyone and everything. She considered herself and everything she possessed better than anyone or anything. Also, her caustic mouth caused numerous headaches for anyone who worked with or for her at any time.

Naturally on Thanksgiving Eve and during the engagement party for her daughter, Nolan disappeared. No one considered this as unusual for her, so no one really was concerned about her during the party. The next morning her husband discovered her body in the lake on their property. He pulled the body out of the water and called the police.

With everyone as a suspect and a dislikeable victim, female police chief, Lew Farris with her friend and retired dentist, Doc Osborne who acts as the local coroner have an overwhelming task. Also helping with the investigation is Ray Pradt, who is an expert tracker and fishing guide.

Added to this investigation are house guests who have long worn out their welcome living with Doc Osborne, a former investigative reporter looking for the source of computer information crimes in the area, a snowstorm, and Doc’s attempted romance with the police chief, makes DEAD HOT SHOT a fun, realistic and enjoyable reading experience.

The dislikable character of Nolan is extremely realistic. Her relationships with her family, employees, and community adds to the conflict that people know that they shouldn’t feel grateful that she is dead, however, life is certainly easier for those forced to be around her with her absence.

DEAD HOT SHOT is the ninth book in the Loon Lake Mystery series by Victoria Houston using her love of her home base of the Wisconsin lakes for the setting of these delightful books.

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