Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Author: Craig T. Feigh
Illustrator: Patrick Carlson
Copyright 2008
LifeVest Publishing
Hardback $19.99
ISBN 1-59879-616-X
30 pages

Instead of animals or toys talking, how about computer pieces as characters? That’s the logic for LITTLE BIT & BIG BYTE. The characters in the book all relate to computers in some way. For instance, besides Little Bit and Big Byte is their dog, Click, their cat, Browser, their sister Joy who is as thin as a stick, and their friends: Webster and Kay Board. Of course there are also the villainous bugs (computer bugs) for contrast in the story.

The illustrations are delightful and support the story on each page as well as being slightly puzzling with a hidden bone in each illustration. The characters are consistent in the writing and the story even has a lesson to learn in the value of using common sense in being forced to do dangerous things that you might not be ready to do. Also, the constant puns make this an enjoyable book even for adults.

This is a fun, first book for these cyber-characters of Little Bit and his big brother, Big Byte in what I expect to be a tremendous series of collaboration between Craig T. Feigh and Patrick Carlson.

Craig T. Feigh has been considered to be a “male Erma Bombeck” after what is considered his debut book, ALL MY IMPERFECTIONS, I INHERITED FROM MY MOM and THE SURE WAY TO HIM which is a Christian book about each person’s relationship with God. He also published a book about twenty-years ago called WHAT DO YOU SAY TO AN ANSWERING MACHINE? Obviously, Mr. Feigh has a sense of humor.

Patrick Carlson is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. He has worked with other children’s authors such as Stephanie Haag Foraker with THE VERY NON-DAIRY CHRISTMAS and Kipenie with STUFF THE BUS.

LITTLE BIT & BIG BYTE in A DAY AT THE BEACH is a book that I expect will go in multiple-publishings and I plan to see more of this collaborative team of Craig T. Feigh and Patrick Carlson in future books of this new computer-character series.

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