Wednesday, May 20, 2009


By James LePore
The Story Plant
The Aronica-Miller Publishing Project
ISBN-10: 0-9816087-2-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-9816087-2-3
April 14, 2009
Hardcover $24.95
Pages 272

A WORLD I NEVER MADE is from the point-of-view of a father who had to raise a daughter when his wife died during the birth. His solution with this conflict between his career and his family, is simple, others can be hired to raise his daughter if he can be successful in his career. For many people that would be the logical choice. At what expense, though? The cost is his relationship with his daughter.

Pat Nolan receives notification that his grown-adult daughter has killed herself. He makes arrangements to go to Paris to retrieve his daughter’s body. Being that they had not frequently spoken, he is surprised and feeling guilty about the death. When he is brought to the morgue to identify the body, he is shocked to find that the body is not hers. Instinctively though, he tells no one and figures that there must be a reason that Megan would have staged her death. Coincidentally, Pat meets a flower vendor who says that a street vendor has sent her to him. He shows her a picture of Megan and is told that she had mentioned that Pat would come for her. The vendor then tells Pat that he will be led to her. This makes him believe that Megan is alive and wants his help. This begins his search for her from Paris and into the Czech Republic...

Pat is assisted in his search by a detective from Paris, Catherine Laurence who assists initially because of her curiosity about why this father is so driven to find out about his daughter’s past. Quickly and dangerously, she discovers that there are others also interested in Pat Nolan’s search for Megan including the Paris police and a group of international terrorists.

Megan was also not a simple person. She lived as a freelance journalist and apparently had an affair with a Saudi businessman, Abdel Lahani. Because of this man, she played a game which threatened her survival. As Pat and Catherine discover her past, they too find the lives being jeopardized by the knowledge of what Megan had discovered and known.

This is a fast-paced action adventure which is unusual in that the characters have depth, flaws, and vulnerabilities in their personalities. This combination makes A WORLD I NEVER MADE a wonderful experience with the mixture of compassion, pacing, and persistence of integrity.

A WORLD I NEVER MADE is the first published novel for this New York attorney and photographer. Also, this book is from a small independent publisher so the large chain bookstores will probably not have it available.

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