Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A PRINCE IN NEED: Book 2 in the Myrridian Cycle

A PRINCE IN NEED: Book 2 in the Myrridian Cycle
By Debra Killeen
Helm Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9801780-7-0
$15 Trade Paperback/ 316 pages
Science fiction/ Fantasy/ Teen lit

When are “the sins of the fathers” finally forgiven?
When can we finally move on with our lives?

Being a part of a royal family places each member in a position where everyone in that small circle is judged as one. The reality is that in almost every family, everyone is not a copy of each other and there are frequently different viewpoints regarding major events.

A PRINCE IN NEED begins with King Reginald Claybourne deciding it is time for his son, Prince Robert, to become a man and plans to bring him to a brothel. Robert is matched with a young woman who is content with him not doing his manly duty. While the two are talking, a scream is heard. The King has been stabbed. A fortunate advantage this society has is that the clergy is able to enter minds through their magical gifts. It is discovered that the prostitute drugged the King so that another man could actually kill the King. When she is questioned, she is given a choice by Robert to either be banished from the city or to be hung. She chooses to be hung. The identity of the murderer is not visible in her thoughts, except for his being dressed in dark clothing.

Chris and Elijah are not living anymore in our time and place but in this alternative place. They are surprised to see new visitors from their planet, Naomi, Elijah’s sister, and Nicole, Chris’s former fiancĂ©e. Since Chris has assumed the life of Christian, he has also married Christian’s wife, Helen, and the two truly love and value each other. This places Chris is immediate awkward situations. Naomi is an outspoken tall black woman that does not allow anyone to put her in the place of a subservient woman’s place.

For further conflict, a brother and sister team, Sebastian and Cecily, become involved due to their hatred of Christian and King Reginald. The twosome was wronged, and even though Reginald is dead, they still feel the need to avenge the royal family and Christian.

This is a wonderful story of fantasy with the values of people and relationships from all angles being understood. To fully understand the story, Book 1, AN UNLIKELY DUKE, does need to be read. This story would be confusing without that background. The pacing is perfect. What makes this series excellent is the development of each character. Ms. Killeen superbly has developed each character in that each of them has a unique and personal voice which helps the reader understand their personal motivations and their gifts, as well as their flaws.

Debra Killeen was trained as a pharmacist who never lost her interest in stories. A PRINCE IN NEED is the second book in this five book series.
I definitely plan to read all the books in this series.

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